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Visionnear offers its customers highly skilled experts, who can support the development, testing, implementation and support of their projects and products at nearshore resources costs. We offer different types of services agreements based on the needs and the wishes of our customers and often we see our collaborations shifting from one mode of operations to another.

Onsite services

In this mode of operations, we provide consultants that will complement the customer’s workforce on-site and they will work under the full management of customer with local follow-up from Vision-Near.

Responsibilities VisionNear:

Contract staff with right technical skills
Take care of workpermits, housing, travel
Staff management (availability, replacement)
Local follow up together with customer’s outsourcing manager

Responsibilities Customer:

Provide profile specifications
Train the people in the specific environment
Day to day management

Nearshore development

This mode of operations is very similar to the first; VisionNear provides consultants that will complement the customer’s workforce, but instead of working onsite at the customer’s premises, they will work in our development centers in Romania. However they will still work under the full management of Customer.

We speak of an “Nearshore Dedicated Team” (NDT). VisionNear will work with the customer to create the NDT and the customer assigns an outsourcing manager who will work closely together with the NDT and who will serve as the link between customer’s own teams and the NDT.

The customer keeps the same level of control on the team as in the first mode, though it is much more cost effective as we can avoid extra costs as travel, housing, etc.

Responsibilities VisionNear

Contract staff with right technical skills
Staff management (availability, replacement)
Follow up together with customer’s outsourcing manager

Responsibilities Customer:

Provide profile specifications
Train the people in the specific environment
Day to day management

Based on the many years working for international IT companies and organizing Offshore and Nearshore projects with development centers in India, Russia and Eastern-Europe, the management team of VisionNear gained an extensive experience in the matter and established strong partnerships with certified companies in Romania. Romania is one of the hottest markets in Eastern Europe for technology investment and trade because of the:

Strong domestic market


22 million people or the fifth largest country in Europe. The gross domestic product grew about 9% in the last years, but is still relatively undeveloped with a GDP per Capita of 3.300 $, which means great opportunities for development.

A large untapped labour pool


Romania has more engineering graduates per capita than the United States, 2X more than Russia, 7X more than India and 12X more than China.

Excellent foreign language skills


Including 80% English proficiency, large pools of French and Italian speakers, and a large population of near-native German speakers.

Friendly business environment


Technology and services companies benefit from a low flat tax of 16 percent on earnings and there are significant incentives including an exemption of software developers from payroll and personal income taxes, duty free imports of hardware and software, and proposed exemptions on investments in R&D.

Unique Location


Romania is at the intersection of three important markets: the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Middle East, there are no visa requirements for EU and US citizens and no visa requirements for Romanian citizens travelling out to the EU.

Easy Access


There are direct flights to Bucharest from all major airports in Europe. Bringing people onsite in less than 3 hours.


History and culture of technical excellence


Focus on engineering and mathematics, which includes more prizes in international competitions than many other nations except China, the United States and former USSR. (IEEE Design Competition, International Informatics Olympiad and others. According to the technical certification company Brainbench, Romania is the “Most Certified Nation in Europe”.

Dedicated Nearshore teams

A long term outsourcing agreement works in principal in the same way as the project-per-project outsourcing, based on requests. But it links both parties in a more formal way by a framework contract which lines out the intentions of the collaboration for a longer period in time.

The framework contract typically defines the expected volume of work for a given period of time, which allows VisionNear to make a resource forecast and to deliver optimum services with minimum response times and permanent availability of staff. The actual work will be performed according the terms and conditions of the framework contract.


When we work on a project per project basis then all actions are initiated by a request from the customer’s outsourcing manager to VisionNear.

The request should include at least:

A description of the software functionalities to be implemented or modified
The contractual mechanism to be applied (i.e.: fixed price or time & means)
The priority of the request (critical, high, medium, low) and/or a suggested date on which the software development should be made available

VisionNear will send an acknowledgement and team will elaborate a proposal to service the request. Upon acceptance of the proposal the implementation of the services are initiated in accordance with the agreed planning.

Up on the start of the partnership we will agree on response times for sending out proposals, for acceptance periods, for maximum delays to start services, etc.

Responsibilities VisionNear:

Assign dedicated client manager
Have staff with right technical skills and knowledge about BAI products available
Staff management (availability, replacement)
Proposal preparation
Day to day staff/project management
Reporting to and follow up with BAI outsourcing manager

Responsibilities Customer:

Train project staff in the specific environment and products
Preparation of requests
Evaluation of proposals
Acceptance of proposals and launch of work orders
Evaluation and acceptance of deliverables

Build Operate Transfer

In this mode we build an “Nearshore Dedicated Team” (NDT) for our customer. Together we define the profiles needed, VisionNear will hire them on the Near Shore location and will grow and manage the team according the customer’s needs.

Towards the transfer of the team to the customer, VisionNear will look for the right premises to house the “new company” and will create a new legal entity. Within a pre-defined period the customer has the opportunity to take over this new entity and to run it as its own Nearshore development center.

This model gives customers the opportunity and liberty to get a Nearshore Center built and operated as per their needs, and also set up processes in various stages to suit their business needs. The staged process helps a customer evaluate the risks involved and helps them check feasibility before investing in the set-up of a new entity on a Nearshore location.

We would like to know more about your Nearshore interest and requirements.
We would be more than happy to discuss further, our offerings and experience in this area.
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